Read the Bible in 2019 with Life in Sweet Abandon

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If you are reading the Bible in 2019 with us then you know we are still in the Old Testament and will be for many months. Not much about Jesus there, right? On Easter Sunday our reading out of 1836 pages and 365 days of reading five pages a day, God chose Psalm 22 for us to read on Easter. This was perfect! This describes Jesus on the Cross and is prophetic. Psalm 22 was most likely written around 1044 BC, and the first cross was not used until 400 BC. This is amazing text! God is personal. He knows what we are reading and perfectly planned for us to read Psalm 22 on Easter Sunday.

My life changed when God led me to read the NLT Chronological Life Application Study Bible in one year!

The words seemed to jump off the page and come to life! I love reading the Bible in the order in which the events happened! We at Life in Sweet Abandon would like to invite you to read this Bible cover to cover starting January 1, 2019, with us. We will read five pages each day which should take about ten minutes.

Here are the details:

·  We are using the NLT Chronological Life Application Study Bible. We will read specifically numbered pages each day, and because of this, it is essential that we all use the same version of this Bible that can be found at, Lifeway, and on Amazon.

·  Daily reading of five pages should take about ten minutes. You don’t have to read the notes at the bottom of each page, but if you have a question, this is a great place to start.

·  If you have not received your Bible yet, you can find the first 25 pages which cover the first five days of text titled “Chron LAB Sample Pages” Delighting in God’s Truth FB page under files.

·  The full years reading plan can be found here. Jan. 1st reading pages 1 – 5 includes historical information and a timeline.

·  Familiarize yourself with this Bible. There are excellent resources scattered throughout the book.

·  Why the New Living Translation? See the text on pages A45 – 49 in your Bible and feel free to refer to other versions while you are reading this one.

·  Purchase a Bible highlighter that will not bleed through the pages. When a passage jumps out at you, it may be something you want to consider more profoundly or come back to later. I use a different color each year that I do this. You can find these on Amazon or  

·  Please join the FB group at Delighting in God’s Truth with LiSA or accept the invite. We invite you to share what has inspired you and what God has revealed to you along with any questions you have as we read the Bible together. This will be a fruitful forum to learn about God and His Word.

·  Life in Sweet Abandon will host a celebration for those who read to the last page in 2019!

·  Pray. If you are committing to reading the Bible cover to cover in 2019, you are a woman seeking after God’s heart, and you understand the importance of prayer.

Reading God's word teaches us about who He is, His character, His amazing love for us, and about who we are as a result of what He did for us through Christ on the cross. This daily Bible reading will be a sweet time of fellowship with God that will fill our hearts with hope.

Plan to join us? If so, please click this link to add your name to our list of participants who are reading the NLT Chronological Life Application Study Bible together in 2019. Thank you!

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